Our Mission

Created in 2007, the Humanities Initiative at NYU draws on the diverse talents and interests of NYU’s humanities faculty and students while taking advantage of the university’s location in New York City. From cinema studies to legal and business ethics to Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, NYU boasts a wide range of outstanding departments and program in the humanities as broadly defined. The Initiative is committed to bringing NYU’s humanists together as well as to exploring the role of the humanities in the larger university and global community.

Each year, the Initiative supports a team of graduate and faculty fellows, clusters of faculty engaged in team-teaching, working research groups, and outreach programs to schools and cultural communities in New York City. Together with the New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU, the Humanities Initiative sponsors an annual Humanities Festival and other events for a wide public. The Initiative also assists with the funding of events on campus and NYU’s sites abroad, as well as individual research projects. The Initiative’s website will eventually feature a calendar of all humanities events on campus, and its online archive and publications will provide access to cutting-edge research in the humanities for the global community.